Album: Legends of the Oathsworn (2012)

Song: Into The Lair

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[Heavy Metal, Doom, Progressive] Buffalo NY
In history there are events of great importance, one such event is the final evolution of this force known as Siegewyrm. The pinnacle of this great serpent's ascension is to coil itself around the world in a position of dominance and surge its power by force to meet all resistance in ironclad battle. Forged in the primordial elements, the great dragon emerges to be the unstoppable entity known to the world as SIEGEWYRM.

Siegewyrm was hatched in 2010 and with fast success grew to be a force in the music scene. Sharing the stage with such acts as Sepultura, Kataklysm, Obituary
and many more, yet in early 2011 the great serpent decided to hibernate. In late 2012 the beast rose again to release its first full length album titled "Legends of the Oathsworn", only to descend back into its deep sleep and to continue the creative process once again.

In its present slumber the world is safe yet be prepared for the reawakening will soon be upon us, keep your eyes to the skies.
Siege- "[seej]" noun, verb, sieged, siegĀ·ing.

-noun the act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible. -verb (used with object) to assail or assault; besiege. -Idiom lay siege to, to besiege: The army laid siege to the city for over a month.

Wyrm - "[werm]" "[worm]" noun

-noun the title of a dragon at its furthest evolution (elder great dragon), great serpent/ (see) Dragon, Mythology, History, Lore, ect..